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80年代サウンド Nonstop Mix ハイレゾMix CD

80年代サウンド Nonstop Mix ハイレゾMix CD コーナーを


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Pc Mix Vol.60(Female Vocal Eurobeat Mix)

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Pc Mix Vol.60(Female Vocal Eurobeat Mix)
pc mix-60-omotepc mix-60-urapc mix-60-rebel

01.Turn It Into Love(Dean Kylie Zukei remix)
02.Got To Be Certain-Kylie Minogue-1988
03.(You're) My Love,(You're) My Life-Patty Ryan-1986
04.Tokio Town-Sarah-1986
05.Supersonic Level-Antonella-1988
06.Heart To Heart-Sweet Connection-1989
07.Baby Don't You Break My Heart-Argentina-1987
08.You're My First,Your My Last-Linda Jo Rizzo-1986
09.All Night-Muriel Dacq-1986
10.Oh Que Calor-Primero-1986
11.Over The Sky-Alyne-1985
12.Hold Me-Samantha Gilles-1987
13.Touch Me Danuta-1987
14.You Are My Desire-Shy Rose-1989
15.Jessica-Like A Burning Star-1986
16.Special Love-Attack Featuring Sisley Ferre-1987
17.C'est Cupidon-Morgana-1988
18.I Wanna Be Your Love-Rose-1988
19.Gigolo-Green Ice-1987
20.Get Out Of My Life-Lady Lily-1987
21.Mind Over Matter-E.G. Daily-1987
22.Get Ready-Carol Hitchcock-1987
23.Only You-Virgin-1989
24.My Turn-Tasha-1989
25.Dance With Me-Claudia T.-1988


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ハイレゾMix CD

ハイレゾMix CDのご紹介

80年代サウンドを使ったnonstop mix を
Pc Mix Vol 47~Pc Mix Vol 60(最新)までの作品
レコード→24bit 96khzハイレゾ録音→ハイレゾ音源ミックス→高音質CD


複製し他の方への譲渡や 販売はしないこと、またyou tube等への

(Nonstop Mix作品に興味ある方は、下記のリンク先に再生ボタンがございます。


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Pc Mix Vol.60(Female Vocal Eurobeat Mix)
pc mix-60-ura

Pc Mix Vol.59(Dead Or Alive Mix)
pc mix-59-ura

Pc Mix Vol.58(Madonna Mix)
pc mix-58-ura

Pc Mix Vol.57(80's Itaro Mix)
pc mix-57-ura

Pc Mix Vol.56(80's Italo Mix)

Pc Mix-VOL.55(80's Pops Mix)
pc mix-55-ura-

Pc Mix-VOL.54(japanese Mix)
pc mix-54-ura

Pc Mix-VOL.53(japanese Mix)
pc mix-53-ura-

Pc Mix-VOL.52
pc mix-52-ura

Pc Mix-VOL.51
pc mix-51ura

Pc Mix-VOL.50
pc mix-50-ura

Pc Mix Vol.49(80's Ivent Mix)
pc mix-49-ura

Pc Mix Vol.48(80's Ivent Mix)
pc mix-48-ura

Pc Mix Vol.47(80's Pops & Rock Mix)
pc mix-47-ura

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Pc Mix Vol.59(Dead Or Alive Mix)

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Pc Mix Vol.59(Dead Or Alive Mix)
pc mix-59-omotepc mix-59-urapc mix-59レーベル

01.Hooked On Love-1986
02.Son Of A Gun-1986
03.In Too Deep-1985
04.Come Home (With Me Baby)-1988
05.Brand New Lover-1986
06.Baby Don't Say Goodbye-1988
07.Stop Kicking My Heart Around-1988
08.Lover Come Back To Me-1985
09.My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me To A Doctor)-1985
10.D.J. Hit That Button-1985
11.Sit On It-1983
12.Wish You Were Here-1983
13.I Wanna Be A Toy-1985
14.Big Daddy Of The Rhythm-1985
15.You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)-1985
16.Something In My House-1986
17.Turn Around And Count 2 Ten-1988
18.I'll Save You All My Kisses-1986
19.What I Want-1983
20.Do It-1983
21.Absolutely Nothing-1983
Dead Or Alive Magamix Remodel
22.That's The Way (I Like It)-1983
23.In Too Deep-1985
24.Hooked On Love-1986
25.Brand New Lover-1986
26.Son Of A Gun-1986
27.Lover Come Back To Me-1985
28.My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me To A Doctor)-1985
29.I Wanna Be A Toy-1985
30.D.J. Hit That Button-1985
31.Wish You Were Here-1983
32.Big Daddy Of The Rhythm-1985
33.You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)-1985
34.Something In My House-1986
35.Turn Around And Count 2 Ten-1988
36.Do It-What I Want Mash Up-2018
37.I'll Save You All My Kisses-1986
38.Then There Was You-1986


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Pc Mix Vol.58(Madonna Mix)

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Pc Mix Vol.58(Madonna Mix)
pc mix-58-omotepc mix-58-urapc mix-58-レーベル

01.La Isla Bonita-1987
02.Who's That Girl-1987
03.Open Your Heart-1986
04.Like A Prayer-1989
05.Sidewalk Talk-Jellybean feat. Madonna-1984
07.Express Yorself-1989
09.Into The Groove-1985
10.Lucky Star-1983
12.Think Of Me-1983
14.Physical Attraction-1983
15.Like A Virgin-1984
16.Causing A Commotion-1987
17.Papa Don't Oreach-1985
18.Material Girl-1984
19.Dress You Up-1984
20.Burning Up-1983
22.Madonna Megamix

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Pc Mix Vol.57

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Pc Mix Vol.57(Itaro Mix)
pc mix-57-omotepc mix-57-urapc mix-57-レーベル

01.P.Machinery Medley With Relax-P4F-1986
02.Secrets-Albert One-1986
03.I'm Singing Again-Wilson Ferguson-1988
04.I Can Hear Your Voice-Hot Cold-1986
06.Wings Of Love-Grant Miller-1987
07.Angel You-Primadonna-1986
08.Freedom (Die Antwort)-Jeannie-1986
09.Rendez-Vous Sur La Costa Del Sol-Magazine 60-1985
11.Don't Wake Me Up-J.d. Jaber-1986
12.Steppin Up-Alesis-1986
13.Fire On The Moon-Aleph-1986
14.Leave Me Alone-Fred Ventura-1986
15.Future Brain-Den Harrow-1986
16.One More Time-Max Coveri-1986
17.Tonight-Ken Laszlo-1986
18.Bye, Bye Mi Amor-David Lyme-1987
19.Dolce Vita-Kristian Conde-1986
20.California Train-Grant Miller-1987
22.In The Night-Daydream-1986

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Pc Mix Vol.56(80's Italo Mix)

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Pc Mix Vol.56(80's Italo Mix)
56-omote56-ura-pc mix-56れーべる

01.Warrior-Riki Maltese-1986
02.Don't Cry Night-Savage-1983
04.Don't Talk About It-Swan-1986
05.I'm Your Lover-Joe Yellow-1986
06.Give Me The Night-Facts & Fiction-1986
07.Looking For Love-Tom Hooker-1986
08.Don't Loose Your Heart Tonight-Joy Peters-1986
09.Little Russian-Mr. Zivago-1987
10.Do You-Duke Lake-1983
11.Don't Stop Lovin'-J.d. Jaber-1983
13.Over The Sky-Alyne-1985
14.Oh Que Calor-Primero-1987
15.Come On Closer-Pineapples Feat.Douglas Roop-1983
16.Love In Your Eyes-Gazebo-1983
17.Rainy Day-Brando-1983
18.Dolce Vita-Ryan Paris-1983
19.Dial My Number-R.Bais-1985
20.Touch In The Night-Silent Circle-1985

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Pc Mix-VOL.55(80's Pops Mix)

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Pc Mix-VOL.55(80's Pops Mix)
pc mix-55-omotepc mix-55-ura-pc mix-55-omoteれーべる

01.Kyrie-Mr. Mister-1985
02.Sledgehammer-Peter Gabriel-1986
03.Slave To The Rhythm-Grace Jones-1985
04.Let Me Go-Heaven 17-1982
05.Radio Ga Ga-Queen-1984
06.On tHe Plate-Kaja Goo Goo-1984
07.Hot Water-Level 42-1986
08.Mothers Talk-Tears For Fears-1984
09.Let's Dance-David Bowie-1983
10.Say Say Say-Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson-1983
11.Wham Rap-Wham-1982
12.Think Of Me-Madonna-1983
13.Who Needs Love Like That-Erasure-1985
14.Peter Gun-The Art Of Noise-1986
15.A View To A Kill-Duran Duran-1985
16.It's My Life-Talk Talk-1984
17.Here Come The Rain Again-Eurythmics-1983
18.One Of Our Submarines-Thomas Dolby-1982
19.Only When You Leave-Spandau Ballet-1983
20.Angel 07-Hubert Kah-1985
21.Eyes Without A Face-Billy Idol-1984

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Pc Mix-VOL.54(japanese Mix)

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Pc Mix-VOL.54(japanese Mix)
pc mix-54-omotepc mix-54-urapc mix-54れーべる

01.Only A Love Affair-佐藤 博-1982
02.Fill The Sail-AB's-1983
03.Midnight Driver-吉田 美奈子-1980
04.Yellow Cab-山下 達郎-1979
05.Sexy Robot-当山 ひとみ-1983
06.Funky Little Queenie-大橋 純子-1977
07.Midnight Shuffle-Cosmos-1982
08.Do What You Do-Noriki-1983
09.Exotic Yokogao-当山 ひとみ-1983
10.Bomber-山下 達郎-1978
11.Never Touch Again-角松 敏生-1984
12.Town-吉田 美奈子-1981
13.悲しみの Jody (She Was Crying)-山下 達郎-1983
14.Tokyo Tower-角松 敏生-1985
15.Misty Lady-Casiopea-1983
16.City Of Silver Gray-難波 弘之-1981
17.First Light-松下 誠-1981
18.Elastic Dummy-高橋 幸宏-1978
19.Heart To Heart-Rajie-1977
20.Carnaval-大貫 妙子-1980

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Pc Mix-VOL.53(japanese Mix)

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Pc Mix-VOL.53(japanese Mix)
pc mix-53-omote-pc mix-53-ura-pc mix-53-れーべる

01.Sparkle-山下 達郎-1982
02.Windy Summer-杏里-1983
03.Off Shore-角松 敏生-1983
04.Awakening-佐藤 博-1982
05.ごきげんいかが 1 2 3-ユー・アンドーミー・オルガスムス・オーケストラ-1981
07.メリー・ゴー・ラウンド-山下 達郎-1983
08.Step Into The Light-角松 敏生-1984
09.スノッブな夜へ-国分 友里恵-1983
10.黄昏のBay City-八神 純子-1983
11.After 5 Crash-角松 敏生-1984
12.Light'n Up-吉田 美奈子-1982
13.Monroe Walk-南 佳孝-1979
14.Down Town-Epo-1980
15.Funky Flushin'-山下 達郎-1979
16.Touch The New York Pink-松岡 直也-1982
17.Cosmic Cocktail-大野 雄二-1978
18.I Can't Wait-佐藤 博-1982

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Pc Mix-VOL.52

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Pc Mix-VOL.52
pc mix-52-omotepc mix-52-urapc mix-52-れーべる

01.This Time I Know It's For Real-Donna Summer-1989
02.Children Of The Sky-Giorgia Morandi-1988
03.Keep On Dancing-Clio & Kay-1988
04.Got To Be Your Lover-Taco-1988
05.A Little Love (What's Going On)-Ceejay-1988
06.That's The Way It Is-Mel & Kim-1988
07.Love Is The Gun-Blue Mercedes-1988
08.Bad Communication-B'z-1989
09.Let Me Down-Michael Fortunati-1989
10.C'est Cupidon-Morgana-1988
11.Only You-Virgin-1989
12.How Deep Is Your Love-1989
13.Jive Into The Night-Green Olives-1988
14.Take A Chance-.Malcolm J. Hill-1988
15.Power Of Magic-Alphatown-1989
16.Divine-Mike Hammer-1988
17.Spy Game-Matahari-1989
18.Gipsy Queen-Shiho-1988
19.Turn Round And Count 2 Ten-Dead Or Alive-1988
20.Sky High 89-Jigsaw-1989
21.Get Wild 89-TM Network-1989

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Pc Mix-VOL.51

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Pc Mix-VOL.51
pc mix-51-omotepc mix-51urapc mix-51れーべる

01.Intro-Logic System-1981
02.Unit-Logic System-1981
03.Making Of Non-standard Music-Haruomi Hosono-1984
04.Hypnotize-Scritti Politti-1984
05.Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi-DAF-1986
06.Sensoria-Cabaret Voltaire-1984
07.Take One-Front 242-1983
09.Don't You Want Me-Human League-1981
10.Leave In Silence-Depeche Mode-1982
11.Dancing Digits-David Astri-1983
12.Serious Japanese-Melon-1985
13.Music Plans-YMO-1981
14.The Beat Is Elite-Richard Bone-1982
15.My Secret Garden-Depeche Mode-1982
16.Der Amboss-Visage-1982
17.Blue Monday-New Order-1983
18.Metal Dance-SPK-1983
19.Hyper Active-Thomas Dolby-1984

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Pc Mix-VOL.50

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Pc Mix-VOL.50
pc mix-50-omotepc mix-50-urapc mix-50-れーべる

01.Lessons In Love-Level 42-1986
02.Oh To Be Ah-Kajagoogoo-1983
03.Love On Your Side-Thompson Twins-1982
04.Down On The Street-Shakatak-1984
05.Starchild-Level 42-1981
06.Money's Too Tight-Simply Red-1985
07.Wood Beez-Scritti Politti-1983
08.A Time Like This-Haywoode-1983
09.Daybreak-First Light-1983
10.Crime Of Passion-SPK-1984
12.I want To Tell Her-Ministry-1983
13.Tear's Are Not Enought-ABC-1981
14.Micro Kid-Level 42-1983
15.Your Life-Konk-1984
16.Time Machine-First Light-1982
17.Straight Ahead-The Nick Straker Band-1982
18.Poison Arrow-ABC-1981

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Pc Mix-VOL.49(80's Ivent Mix)

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Pc Mix-VOL.49(80's Ivent Mix)
pc mix-49-omotepc mix-49-urapc mix-49-れーべる

01.1984-Van Hallen-1984
02.Jump-Van Hallen-1984
03.Separate Ways-Journey-1983
04.Talking In Your Sleep-The Romantics-1983
05.Who Can Be Now-Men At Work-1982
06.Night Bird-Shakatak-1982
07.Fall In Love-Earth Wind & Fire-1982
08.Fresh-Kool & The Gang-1984
10.Baby Talk-Alisha-1986
11.Don't You Want My Love?-Nicole-1985
12.19-Paul Hardcastle-1985
13.Axel F(Latin Rascals Mix)-1985
14.The Beach(Jg's Mix)-Afrika & The Zulu Kings-1986
15.Fight For Your Right-Beastie Boys-1986
16.Perfect Kiss-New Order-1985
17.Melanie-Max Him-1986
19.Boom Boom-Paul Lekakis-1986
20.No Mr.Boom Boom-Bodyheat-1987
21.STOP-Samahtha Gilles-1987
22.Love & Devotion-Michael Bow-1987
23.Telephone Operator-Pete Shelley-1983
24.Rebel Yell-Billy Idol-1983

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Pc Mix-VOL.48(80's Ivent Mix)

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Pc Mix-VOL.48(80's Ivent Mix)
pc mix-48-omotepc mix-48-urapc mix-48-れーべる

01.Rendez-vous Sur La Costa Del Sol-Magazine 60-1986
02.All Night-Muriel Dacq-1986
03.Into The Night-Michael Fortunati-1986
04.Baby Don't You Break My Heart-Argentina-1987
05.I was Made For Lovin' You-The Nasty Boys-1986
06.Funkytown-Pseudo Echo-1987
07.Be My Baby-Complex-1989
08.Livin' On A Prayer-Bon Jovi-1986
09.Let's Groove-Earth Wind & Fire-1981
10.Do You Love Me-Patti Austin-1981
11.Easy Lover-Philip Bailey-1984
12.The Reflex-Duran Duran-1984
13.I Feel For You-Chaka Khan-1984
14.The Glamorous Life-Shella E-1984
15.Do Ya Wanna Funk-Sylvester-1982
16.So Many Man So Little Time-Miquel Brown-1983
17.Break Me Into Little Pieces-Hot Gossip-1985
18.Dance Your Love Away-Michael Prince-1985
19.Pistol In My Pocket-Lana Pellay-1986
20.Two Tribes-FGHW-1984
21.Dance With Me-Alphaville-1986
22.Hit That Perfect Beat-Bronski Beat-1985
23.Mr. Roboto-Styx-1983
24.Panama-Van Hallen-1984

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Pc Mix-VOL.47(80's Pops & Rock)

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Pc Mix-VOL.47(80's Pops & Rock)
pc mix-47-omotepc mix-47-urapc mix-47-レーベル

01.The Riddle-Nik Kershaw-1983
02.Too Shy-Kajagoogoo-1983
03.One Night In Bangkok-Murray Head-1985
05.Perfect Way-Scritti Politti-1985
06.Union Of The Snake-Duran Duran-1983
08.(What)In The Name Of Love-Naked Eyes-1984
09.Such A Shame-Talk Talk-1984
10.Relax-Frankie Goes To Hollywood-1983
11.Owner Of A Lonely Heart-Yes-1983
12.Under Cover Of The Night-The Rolling Stones-1983
13.Some Like It Hot-The Power Station-1985
14.Sussudio-Phil Collins-1985
15.Miss Me Blind-Culture Club-1983
16.Somebody's Watching Me-Rockwell feat.Michael Jackson-1984
17.P.Y.T.-Michael Jackson-1983
18.Easy Lover-Philip Bailey with Phil Collins-1984
19.Talking In Your Sleep-The Romantics-1983
20.You Might Think-Cars-1984

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